Portraits & Headshots 

Malvern, Cheltenham  & Worcester

High quality contemporary professional portraits  and headshots for websites, social media, LinkedIn, dating sites, local businesses, advertising and photographs for actors, models, and dancers  portfolios. 

We travel to you. Depending on the weather we can take images inside with our excellent small non intrusive portable studio or outside at a location of your choosing. We are committed to creating high quality portraiture in a relaxed and friendly way and at a competitive price. Sessions are fun and enjoyable.

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Your Portrait Session

You get to view your images and together we will create some great photographs. All chosen images will be retouched and enhanced by a professional retoucher, they will still look like you but on a great day! 

We all need an up to date profile picture or a excellent business portrait.

Social media is a powerful platform in both our professional and personal lives. It goes without saying that having a good profile portrait or business portrait / Headshot is a key part of sending out the right message to our audience. Whether it's LinkedIn, Twitter, a dating website or Facebook , a great profile portrait will open doors for you and help you extend your social reach. 

Enhance your social media profile 

Social media is all about connecting with others. In order to create a more personal experience for the person viewing your business portrait, it’s important to be authentic. Use an up to date profile portrait that is both flattering and contemporary

Online dating portraits

When it comes to creating a good first impression people are more savvy now than ever before. Whether your preference is Match, Elite or Ourtime, your online dating profile portrait will be the first point of connection between you and a potential partner. It therefore needs to be flattering, engage the eye of the viewer and convey a genuine sense of who you are.  

Putting time into your own personal branding by creating good profile portraits can instantly change the way in which others perceive you. 

It’s never a bad time to update your online look. Whether you’re trying to meet that special someone online, get the job, or just raise your profile we’ll make sure your profile Portrait is worth sharing.

You can’t use the same image everywhere, so bring in different outfits and show off all your looks.

3 Counties Photography offers high quality professional portraits and headshots for corporate literature, annual reports, web sites, social media, advertising and photographs for models, dancers and actors portfolios

Please contact us if you have any questions.

First impressions really count and you only have a fraction of a second in which to make them. In our digital age people are judged by the fleeting impression gained by glancing at your photograph, which is why it is essential to have an excellent portrait that presents to the world the best possible impression.

A modern, professional business portrait is priceless! You’re not cut out for it? Perhaps it’s time to have a rethink. One great profile photo can change your life and business. Now is the time to make the right impression and cut through the competition.

To be taken serious in today’s work environment, you need a profile portrait that works for you and not against you. Your LinkedIn profile is full of accomplishments, with testimonials touting your sheer prowess and awesomeness, but it’s also important that you draw the right attention. That is why having a  great contemporary business portrait is essential.